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Clean + Gentle

Soothes + Hydrates


My 4 year old son is a power hand washer. His hands became dry, raw, red, and bloody. We were using Bath & Body soap and others and it seemed to make it worse. Then we found Tend + True! With each wash, his hands improved and they didn't hurt anymore. His hands were completely healed within 2 days. All of the praise for this amazing product!

Ali Brandvold

I have struggled with dry, red, and swollen cackled fingers/hands for years. Two years ago my dermatologist diagnosed me with having eczema. She prescribed several different topicals for me to try and found absolutely no relief. Once I started using Tend + True, I no longer have swollen, cracked, and red hands! It's high quality and purity is exactly what my hands needed to heal.

Jill McCarthy

I have had bad psoriasis and horrible itching for years and once I started using Tend + True and my pain and itchiness has completely gone away!

Judie Caflisch

This soap is AMAZING! I need this everywhere I go to save my hands. I love how my hands feel protected and not dry.


Tend + True's soap is amazing! It leaves your skin feeling so soft and silky.


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